A Modern Day Jezebel Saved by Grace

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“A Modern Day Jezebel Saved By Grace” is a story about Redemption, Love, and Forgiveness. Charlene Payne aka Jezebel was a church girl who felt the small town of Tunica, Mississippi was cramping her style, and she wanted to go to a big city like New York to pursue her dreams. She convinced her best friend, Latonya Barrington to come with her. Two innocent, naïve young girls moved to New York with big dreams of making a lot of money and becoming famous. After running out of money much quicker than they anticipated, they met Jenny who recommended them to sign up with the escort service she had been working for over 2 years. Charlene and Latonya became an escort for wealthy men.


Everything came to a screeching halt once Anthony infiltrated the Classy Ladies Escort Service posing as a client. Connie Harris, the owner, was arrested along with Daisy, Tiffany, Holly, Jenny, Charlene, and Latonya. The scandal of the Classy Ladies Escort affected political officials, top executives, and a mega church pastor. Once Classy Ladies Escort Service was closed down, Charlene and Latonya were back to struggling again. Charlene and Latonya were evicted from their penthouse. They didn’t have any money for a place to live or food.  Both of them was determined to get it back together because going back home was not an option. Latonya finally met this guy who was 32 years older than her, but he had money and wanted her to move in with him with the stipulation that she had to leave Charlene behind. Since she was so desperate, Latonya left Charlene behind and moved on with her new sugar daddy. Charlene was left all by herself with no one to turn to for help.  She met over 30 men who made her promises, but all they did was used her for sexual favors. Still homeless and the struggle was getting worse, Charlene finally broke down and went back home.

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